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  • Nov 2019
    Thank you, to our clients and colleagues for your well wishes on our anniversary. Twenty years ago this month the market research showed the need for mid-market computer system support. As Bill & Dave preached...along with my GM at the time Gary Y "find a need and fill it". That effort grew into a multi-national company focused on design, install and information security services. All the best in 2020!
  • Dec 2017-18
    - National business & Cyber broadcast unveiled

    Colorado Networks Inc. announces a national broadcast of business and cyber topics hosted by our CEO and the "A Team" bring unprecedented experience and perspective to the business community with this new effort. Listen to the PodCasts at:
  • June 2016
    - Colorado Networks Inc/eVanics and Imprimis create the standard for red/blue team cyber evaluations

    Colorado Networks Inc. and Imprimis have entered into an agreement whereby NIST certified
    cyber evaluations and remediation plans are available without concerns of conflict of interest.
    Within their joint membership with the Nation Cyber Exchange (formerly Western Cyber Exchange)
    the two organizations are recognized as leaders in data/network security.

  • Oct 2015
    - In a joint development with its European office, Colorado Networks & eVanics announce "Opdringen".

    The Flemish/Dutch translation for "intrude"; both organizations express their excitement with the co-development and extension of a "bleeding edge" cyber security evaluation and penetration program. The product expands the ability for both organizations to evaluate and offer security evaluations to mid/high-market companies to meet their fiduciary and business requirements.
  • Jan. 2015:
    - Colorado Networks becomes the operational management for the Western Cyber Exchange

    Tactical operations is a major component of the services offered by the Western Cyber Exchange, a multi-state, cyber security consortium. Colorado Networks president Jeff Beauprez will lead the operations group to aggregate threat data, provide analysis and provide communication of results to member organizations.
  • May 2013:
    - Colorado Networks opens an expanded cyber forensics facility.

    Colorado Networks recently completed its move to a new facility at 3630 Sinton Road in Colorado Springs, CO. Announcing the move, company head Jeff Beauprez stated. "The move gave us an opportunity to expand our capability in the areas of threat and intrusion analysis." "We're excited with the continuing growth in services to our business customers in the ever challenging cyber threat to data and intellectual property protection." Operations are scheduled to be fully functional my the end of the month.
  • Oct. 2012:
    - Join an elite group of experts to discuss disaster & cyber security planning for your business.

    This October is the start of a exciting seminar series to assist businesses in the planning steps for disaster recovery and protection from cyber security threats. Read the Colorado Springs Business Journal article on this effort at:
  • August 2012:
    - Six & Geving in partnership with Colorado Networks to offer disaster & cyber security seminars.

    Colorado Networks, Inc. reached an agreement with Six&Geving Insurance for a series of educational seminars to assist businesses with the development of disaster plans along with how to assess cyber threats to their business.
  • Feb. 2012:
    - Colorado Networks adds network time reference to its services


    Colorado Networks Inc., in partnership with The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), will offer access to top level (Stratum 0/1) network time standard for network synchronization within datacenters along with financial organizations. Time stamping of financial transfers is a critical component of security measures and Colorado Networks is honored to be part of the select providers world wide.


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